Mastering the Art of Healing Your Relationships

How much do our thoughts contribute to the success or failure of healing our relationships; or, of healing ourselves in any situation? Is it really possible that objects around us that appear to be innate are actually influenced by our thoughts? If this is true, then our thoughts and even our own belief systems impact everything in our path. Could this be the secret to healing the things which cause us the greatest pain?

Our relationships, the people we have invested the most time and effort into with our life energy are also the source of our greatest pain and suffering when things take an unexpected turn. Interpersonal relationships with partners, children, siblings, parents and close friends top the lists of those which take the bulk of our time and energy attempting to right a wrong, or heal a rift. Why? Because we care, and when our heart is engaged, all of our emotions are operating at full capacity. When things are good, they are great. And when things go badly, they feel worse by far than when our emotions are not deeply engaged. Is there a very subtle and powerful method to heal these rifts?

Dr. Cleve Backster moved into private practice after years of perfecting the first standardized system for lie detection for the CIA. He continued to conduct research into polygraph techniques and was intrigued about the possibilities of measuring human responses to other things around them; this was an entirely new concept.

He was also curious about his grandparents ‘folklore’ stories about plants and other things found in nature and how they responded to humans around them. He decided to use the plants in his experiment to further develop measuring responses. This was outside the box, to consider that innate objects like a plant or a rock might respond to the techniques involved in measuring human response. He was prompted to examine this in a dream; he considered it to be a message or a direction to proceed.

He connected his plant to the detector to see what would happen. He was surprised to learn that the plant did not have a smooth, flat pattern of electrical activity, but appeared to be in a state of constant change, exactly as is true for humans. He continued with a series of tests, using the things he recalled from his grandparents about how plants reacted to human touch and could sense approaching danger. He began with stabbing the leaves of the plants hooked up to the machine with an ink pen. His machine recorded no measurable response.

He went a step further, electing not to touch, but to simply envision actions against the plants to determine whether they could indeed respond. By early morning, he began to imagine burning the plant. Simultaneously the polygraph recording pen moved rapidly to the top of the graph, indicating a dramatically excited response.

The plant was seemingly reading his thoughts! As the plant continued to have what would be considered an immense, panicked reaction, he stopped thinking about hurting the plant; the polygraph returned to a normalized trace signature. He continued this pursuit with other objects, finding them all to have a measurable response.

We are all familiar with the stories of the Masters who walked among us; observers watched as plants opened up before them and in their path. But the stories we remember most are the stories of healing others around them. They were somehow aware of what Backster had discovered!

Our emotions, thoughts and energies are projected, without any conscious effort, to everything around us. It touches them, incites emotions and creates a response. It is reasonable to assume that those we are more emotionally involved with elicit a deeper level of emotion from us, including our thoughts, expectations and reactions to them.

If we are able to balance our own emotions, disconnect from any preconceived ideas about a situation and return our thoughts to a steady ‘trance’ state of being, we are then able to project the desired emotions into the situation through our thoughts and what we choose to accept as the reality of a situation. Thoughts truly do become things; they create our reality.

It is this recognition of our own personal power in any emotional situation that pivots us to a neutral position, allowing healing and constructive changes to occur. Therein lays your mastery and majesty as a healer in any situation.

5 And 5 Make a Perfect 10 in Your Relationship

If successful relationships like love and marriage are a matter of give and take, what things matter most from men and women? Here are five things for each that top the list to create a great relationship! Are you willing to try adding the numbers to arrive at a whole and rewarding 10 together?

What Women Treasure Most in Their Man

1) He is sensitive enough to know that loving you as you are makes a firm statement to everyone who matters to both of you. This means never making disparaging comments to you or anyone else about you, your appearance, your beliefs or your performance as a partner.

2) If he met you after you had children he would never entertain the idea of asking you to choose between him and your children. He makes an extra effort to make all of the family feel secure; not just securing the family home, but secure in his love for the entire family.

3) He is comfortable with your intellectual differences and respects your right to have and defend a different opinion. His responses are gentle and non-judgmental even if he disagrees.

4) He carefully notes your financial position and offers assistance without making you feel small for needing it. He is encouraging about the things you accomplish with the funds you do have access to on your own, and is proud of your ability to assume the responsibility for them.

5) He understands that lying is a form of cheating and would never do either; he showers you with respect as an individual and as his partner.

What Men Love From Their Woman

1. He loves to feel appreciated; voicing your appreciation for his extra efforts makes the excess time he spends earning his income seem worthwhile.

2. He loves feeling like you still find him attractive, masculine and desirable. Men still equate love with sexual desire; letting him know he is desirable means reinforcing the fact that you still love him.

3. He wants to feel like you are proud of his accomplishments and his position, regardless of whether he is a ditch digger or a rock star. Recognize that what he does is not who he is and both are a source of pride for you.

4. Be clear when you want something from him. Don’t leave him guessing and then get angry when he did not guess correctly. Men like bullet points in meaningful conversations that clearly state the desired goal; then they understand them. Don’t misjudge his intentions without allowing him to explain what he believed you wanted from him.

5. Spend quality time alone with him and be sincere and sensitive about responding to what he says he needs. Allowing your man to always take the back seat in his needs and desires makes him feel unimportant, his opinions unwanted.

Understanding The Principles Of Growing Relationships

Relationships are either positive or negative energy engaging two people; whether they are lovers, heads of governments, banks, corporate structures, or even student-teacher. The principles of relationships are the same regardless of the intention.

According to Webster “First Known Use of RELATIONSHIP” appeared in 1741. Now that we know the year the word Relationship came into being, how do we find the root energy of that relationship?

The following is a list of how Webster defines the word relationship.

“Examples of RELATIONSHIP”

The relationship between the two countries has improved.

She has a close relationship with her sister.

I am not in a relationship right now.

The relationship between mental and physical health.

“What is your relationship to the witness?” “He is my father.”

Papa T a gifted composer was happily married to a devoted wife and his biggest fan. Her talent as a writer complimented Papa Ts work. The felt their marriage was heaven-sent.

Relationships are given to us for a reason, sometimes for a lifetime and other times for a season. Papa Ts wife was only for a season. She died at a young age leaving him feeling hopeless and helpless. Lost in the wilderness of grief and sorrow, even his music could not console him. He had lost his best friend.

Many people who lose a spouse or experience a broken relationship, became anxious and chose not to wait until grief and sorrow gives way to peace. Papa T fit this profile.

Papa T wanted immediate action and remarried within a few months of his wife’s death. The incompatibility between he and his new wife left him feeling empty for love. Papa T bought a dog and named him Money. He poured his love into Money. The marriage lasted less than a year and Papa T lost Money. Not just his dog Money, but his money.

We must understand than any long-lasting relationship begins with trust. It takes time to create trust between people, friends’ countries, or even a financial advisor and his client. Regardless of the type of relationship trust is the foundation for success. Any relationship begins with communication not only with others, but with ourselves. How can we like other people if we don’t like who we are?

Long-lasting, trusting relationships are not only the golden key, but are critical to happiness. Growing relationships is work. We can take the time to build trusting relationships or take our chances by not giving thought to the result.

Before we can have great relationships with other people, we must know “who” we are; our true identity. With true identity we can have a healthy happy life-style with good choices. How do we find our true identity? We begin with gratefulness for what we have already accomplished. Begin a daily habit of remembering those successes. You are on this planet for success, don’t settle for less. You can have good relationships. It is work but the rewards are priceless.

How to Lose Friends

The easiest way to lose friends is to ignore them or miraculously become too busy for them. If you apologize later and make it up to them then it works out OK. However, it has been my experience that if you ignore someone for too long that bond is lost. Sometimes we try to go back to the ghost of relationships past as though it were no big deal with our friends. The reality is people form other bonds to replace the relationships that we walked away from.

I know for me I will look at texts from a long time ago and try that old, “hey how ya been?” By then they have moved on and hardly remember my name. It’s important to respect people’s time. This is something I have learned over the years. Yes, we all get busy but not that busy.

Another way to lose a friend is to not ask them about themselves. If it’s only a one-sided conversation with only you talking sooner or later no one will want to listen to you. It’s OK to be chatty Kathy, but make sure the conversation is about all parties involved in the conversation not just the speaker. Venting is fine but keep it fair. Hogging the spotlight in friendships will soon mean that only the lone light of the moon will be your only spotlight.

Gossip. I’m guilty of indulging so I know we all do it. It’s easy right? We always swear our mean words will never get back to the person(s) we were discussing; until it happens. There are few greater betrayals than the realization that the one you thought was your friend was assassinating your character while you were sleeping. So if someone starts gossiping about your friend? Change the subject or walk away. Don’t give in to the gossip. Besides, if it gets ugly they could file a lawsuit for slander and bigger words like defamation of character. That’s when you know your friendship went straight to hell.

Last but not least: favors. If you would give a homeless man twenty dollars don’t be afraid to give it to your friend. I’m not saying give to the one friend that always asks. I’m saying give to the friend that needs it. Otherwise what’s friendship? In this cruel world of strangers determined to remain strangers unless it’s on Twitter or Facebook who wants a so called friend that’s colder than a stranger? If you can’t help a friend when they’re down you will find that friend distancing themselves from you because some people have other definitions of friendship. In the end most people who refuse to help another friend will only realize they no longer have that friend when they need help themselves.

Things To Do To Rekindle A Relationship

Over time the romantic spark starts to fizzle. While it’s common for romance to fizzle, there are a number of things that you can do to rekindle the relationship. Some of the things you can do are:

Going the old fashioned way

It’s common for a relationship to lose its raging romance in the modern fast way of life. If this is the primary reason why the romance in your affair has extinguished, you should take measures on how to slow things down.

One of the best ways of slowing things down is by writing a letter to your partner. To give the letter a classical touch, you should send it through snail mail.

You should ask your partner to reply the letter and if he/she is willing to reply, he/she is ready to rebuild the relationship and you should continue pursuing the affair.

Avoiding arguing in anger

When you feel angry at your spouse and you want to yell and scream and make hurtful remarks, you should not do it. Instead you should keep quiet and simply walk away.

You should remember that words spoken in anger are poison and can damage your relationship. If you are very angry to a point where you can’t control it, you should have a rule with yourself and always step away from your partner until the anger dissipates.

Going for afternoon coffee

If you are trying to rebuild a relationship, it’s not necessary to plan for an elaborate date. In fact this will most likely scare your partner off. Instead of planning for a date you should call your partner and request him/her to accompany you for a cup of coffee.

As you chat over your steaming coffee cups, you will reconnect which will aid in rekindling your relationship.

Other than having an afternoon coffee, you can also have dinner at home. If you are living in separate houses or cities, you should invite your partner in your home and make him/her a great dinner. You can also order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant. Chatting over the meal will aid in reconnecting you.

Seeking a mediator

If you have tried rekindling the relationship and you can’t see the affair going anywhere, you should consider seeking a mediator. The mediator can be anyone from your friends and relatives to a professional couple counselor. For professionalism, it’s always wise to seek services of a professional counselor.

Some Helpful Tips to Become a Good Housewife

Most of the women today believe that they are the perfect housewife. However, with an honest look at yourself, you may find some room for improvement. Change in your attitude is not enough to become a good and perfect housewife. You also need to know a bit more about how to build a good relationship and marriage and what works and what doesn’t in your marriage. There are also other things which you need to ignore at times to have a healthy relationship ahead.

Don’t try to change your husband
According to the behavioral experts, it is not possible for you to change others, but you can change yourself for others easily. So, it is always recommended that being a housewife you need to anticipate the circumstances and try to find out effective solutions to fix it, rather than simply nagging to manage the situations.

Be clear on what you desire
You may have realized at times that your husband is not perfect in reading your mind and it is natural. So, being a housewife you should never expect that your husband knows you well enough and they can easily make out what exactly you want. So, it is better to be clear on what you want from your husband.

Always Say “Thank You”
Try to make gratitude as your habit. Try to thank your husband whenever he does something for you. Remember, appreciation always goes a long way, so it is very crucial for you to have a close eye on things what your husband does and appreciate him for something great.

Let him enjoy the “guy time”
People always expect a little time for themselves to socialize with friends, read book or to relax. If your husband loves to spend time with his friends, then don’t prevent him from socializing with his friends. People with great friends always lead a healthful and longer life. So, allow your husband to cultivate his relationships with his friends.

Try to make your husband a priority
Consistent hustle and bustle of kids, home and work eventually takes you apart from your husband. So, you should try to crave out some time for each other to reconnect. Try to listen to your husband, about his hobbies and work and allow him to feel important to you.

Take care of yourself
Most of the housewives don’t get time to go glam. Attention to your looks via healthful eating, exercise, and good grooming occasionally is very crucial for housewives to maintain a positive attitude. The level of confidence that you exude when you feel and look best is truly very alluring and infectious and it will surely enable you to remain the vibrant woman for your husband.

Smart Career Women Can Have Conscious Relationships

Last year, I turned 50, but didn’t have a big celebration because I was too busy with work. In hindsight, I can see that while my career as a corporate professional flourished, my intimate relationships have taken a severe beating. Married twice– at ages 19-21 and then 40-44 and later ended up as a single mother.

Am I alone in the choices I have made? Apparently not, as I work with countless of other smart, successful career women who are living together with their partners like roommates, in business-like marriages, or involved in complex relationships portrayed in popular TV shows SCANDAL, Being Mary Jane and Mistresses who want a difficult, and not a normal, love.

What Is Really Going On?

So what does all this mean? At the root of the problem lays the fact that many women with “book smarts” have a dangerously low EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). Simply put, this would explain why intelligent, witty women often become fools in love.

Back in 2006, Michael Noer created shock waves when he wrote a piece in Forbes Magazine warning men of marrying career women. He claimed that recent studies had found that smart, professional women were more likely to get divorced or cheat, and less likely to have children. In addition, the American Journal of Marriage and Family cited studies that claim the divorce risk rises when women out-earn their husbands. Widespread evidence seems to suggest that thousands of bright women can’t sustain meaningful relationships for many reasons: too controlling, inability to tolerate less successful men and equally, men resentment of their higher-earning partners.

So why are so many career women experiencing this conundrum?

Pride Comes Before A Fall

Women have been ashamed to admit that they put pride before their feelings and later realized how much damage this has caused their relationships. Dr. Robert Holden, author of Success Intelligence, is at the cutting edge of psychological relationship research and offers the following explanation: “To have a successful relationship, you have to develop EQ which is emotional empathy and a respect for each others feelings. Without the engagement of the head and the heart, relationships are not a safe place to be, but the smart woman is headstrong enough to tell herself that she will be able to make this work.

In other words, we fall at the first hurdle because we’ve been conditioned to bypass our God-given intuition and it gets us into trouble. Case in point, my intuition sent off warning bells that landed me in ER for a severe panic attack before my wedding ten years ago to my second ex, only to realize with clarity that I had married the wrong man – again. At the time, I kind of knew that the marriage was doomed but convinced myself that with our religious upbringings “I” could make it work.

How to Change Your Modus Operandi

Let’s be honest, most of us high IQ girls aren’t very happy. Often we are the real victims because we just accept that any romantic situation is OK, when in reality it’s not. We have gotten used to wearing this very confident façade that is really to disguise our fear of not being in charge and lack of self-acceptance. So, we become relationship jumpers because “there was no love there and he didn’t stimulate me”, “we rushed into it too quickly without knowing each other”, or “he was my rebound guy”. The truth is, our identities become intertwined in what we do at work.

So career women tend to approach their relationships like a career development plan for Mr. Right. Consider this:

• What energy vibes are you leading with when you meet a guy? Do you find the energy signals you give are at complete odds to what you are feeling?

• I don’t want you to meet my children, family, social, or work tribe

• I’m seeing other men so I don’t want you to get too close

• I’m a financially self-sufficient woman with (kids) career and only need a man for sex

Men can find these energy vibes to be incredibly emasculating. When men respond by being detached, our emotional side kicks in and we wonder – why isn’t he falling in love with me?

Getting to Happy

What advice can I give to successful career women who are often (secretly) unhappy and unsuccessful in love?

• Be willing to admit when you’ve got it wrong

• Leave your dominance and competitiveness in the office

• Don’t love carelessly or unconsciously

• Stop playing the victim role and master your “ideal” role

• Stop approaching relationships as business deals or projects

Finally, work on developing your EQ. This is absolutely essential because it determines the quality of your relationships with others. It is unreasonable and unhealthy to expect other people to love you more than you love yourself. Learn to have emotional strength that is about surrender, openness and a willingness to let go of energy that is draining you.

For too long, women like me and others have spent our best energy building our careers and failed to realize that integrating the emotional and intuitive side of life is just as important. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, the time is now to wake up — use your head and intuition. Test your feelings so that your love is sincere and intelligent, and not some sentimental gush.

Relationships: Is The Fear Of Being Abandoned Defining Who You Are Attracted To?

Over the years, many points of view have been put forward as to what causes one person to be attracted to another. These have come from scientists, relationship experts and everyone in between.

And while some of these views can sound accurate and as though they reflect reality, it doesn’t mean this is actually the case. Women are said to go for one thing and men for another and one doesn’t need to look very far to see there are always exceptions.

Nevertheless, if one matches up with what is classed as attractive everything could be fine but if they don’t, it could make them believe that they are therefore ‘unattractive’. The first person is likely to end up feeling good about themselves and the second person could end up feeling hopeless.

Physical Appearances

While it is possible for one to change their behaviour or how they come across to others, the same can’t always be said about their appearance. And as it is one’s appearance that is often said to define whether they are attractive or not, there is only so much one can do.

Cosmetic surgery is gradually becoming more socially acceptable but even with surgery, there are limits. A woman can have breasts implants or have bottom implants and a man can have liposuction, for instance.

No Guarantees

If one doesn’t look a certain way it is going to be normal for them to admire people who do have certain features. They could wonder what their life would be like if they looked the same and this could even go as far as them having cosmetic surgery.

And while being physically attractive can make one’s life easier (it has been said that one’s physical appearance can play a part in how far they go in their career and if they are charged or let off for a crime), it doesn’t mean that one is going to have fulfilling relationships.

Men and Women

At this time, women have more options than men do when it comes to changing their appearance. And as men are more visual than women, this doesn’t mean that men are therefore worse off.

For a man it is not so much about how he looks as it is about how he behaves. So while man can look right, if he doesn’t behave right it is not going to make much difference. As for women, they can look a certain way but unless they value themselves and are emotionally together, they are not going to attract healthy men into their life.

More than Appearances

What this comes down to is the fact that one’s physical appearance is just one part of the equation; the other part is what is going on inside them. For example: a car might look incredible, but unless the engine is up to standard it won’t be going very far.

How a car looks will create attention but once one is in the car, it will all come down to how it runs. And the same could be said about people – how they look might create interest, but after a while it will come down to what else they have to offer.

Individual Requirements

However, if one is only looking for a surface level relationship and not one where they open up, it won’t matter about what’s inside as it will be all about appearances. In this case, how the other person makes one look and the image that they present to the world will be the only thing that matters.

Yet if one wants to have relationships that are real, it will be important for them to focus on what is taking place within them and not just how they look. Once one does feel comfortable on the inside, they might find it easier to accept how they look on the outside.


On one side, there is how one is attracted to another person based on how they look and then there is how one can be attracted to someone because of how they feel. This is not to say that these two aspects are separate – what it means is that one’s emotional needs can take precedence.

Here, one won’t be focused on whether the other person looks right, as they will be consumed by their emotional needs. Although the ideal is for one’s mind, heart and body to work together, this doesn’t always take place.


When one feels emotionally centred they are going to be attracted to a certain type of person and when this is not the case, they are likely to be attracted to people who are completely different. So if one feels abandoned for instance, it could cause them to go with whoever is available.

Due to how powerful this feeling is, it might not matter what their mind says about the other person; they are in pain and they want of feel different. And while the other person will regulate how they feel, they could end up going with people who are far from healthy.

Short-term Solution

In the short-term, one will no longer feel abandoned but if this is the only reason why they are with the other person, there could be other problems that arise as time passes. The other person might not be compatible and they could end up being controlling or abusive.

This is partly because one is coming from a place of desperation and neediness. The people they attract are then likely to pick up on this at a deeper level and to see them as easy targets.

A Closer Look

It is often said that it is not possible for one to feel abandoned as an adult and how this only applies to a child. Yet, if one was neglected during their childhood and these emotional experiences have not been processed and have therefore remained trapped in their body, they can feel like they did all those years ago.

As a result of being left as a child, not only will one have felt abandoned, this would have affected their ability to regulate their own emotions (as it is through being regulated by one’s caregivers that one develops the ability to regulate themselves). One is then in pain and no one is there to regulate how they feel, and as they can’t regulate themselves, the pain would have ended up staying in their body.


The years go by but one is still carrying the pain within them and they can’t regulate how they feel. So it is only natural that they are going to be times when they find it hard to be discerning and end up being drawn to whoever is available.

These emotional experiences of the past will need to be faced as released and as this takes place, one will gradually develop their ability to regulate their own emotions. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer. They will also provide the positive regard that one didn’t receive all those years ago and this is a vital part of the process.

Choosing Your Battles Carefully

When I was much younger, everything seemed so important and I argued passionately for so many issues. And then I got older and realized that most things are relatively unimportant.

If you’re married or living with a roommate, who cares if the towels are folded this way or that way? In the larger scheme of things, who cares how the dishwasher is stacked or if the dishes are left in the sink? If your spouse were to suddenly die or become disabled, will these issues still seem important?

I have always argued to the death for my principles and that will never change. Don’t ask me to violate my principles, not while I still have breath to argue for them and to try to do everything to defend them. But anything else? Not likely.

There is one other thing that is important enough for me to argue about. If you and I were married and you weren’t a fiscally responsible person, I wouldn’t allow my name to be on any legal documents that we shared. That means no bank loans, no house mortgage, no credit cards and, definitely, no joint bank accounts. In fact, I would do my banking in a different bank so that you would never have access to my accounts.

If you want to buy a house and I don’t, you can buy it in your name and not put my name on the deed. You would be responsible for the mortgage payments and I would share utility bills and grocery bills, not much of anything else. Same thing if the reverse were true. If I wanted to buy a house and you didn’t, the house would be in my name and I’d be responsible for the mortgage payments and the maintenance costs, and we would share the utility bills and groceries.

Couples often have different spending habits and core values. If you want to spend your money on what I call stupid things, that’s your prerogative, but don’t spend my money on those things. We’d have separate bank accounts and you can spend your money on anything you want; just don’t touch my money or ask me to spend my money on things that I don’t want.

Government is always spending my money on things that are not essential and that I don’t want but, other than trying to vote those legislators out of office, there isn’t much I can do about that.

Through the years, I have come to realize that most of the things that cause us unhappiness today, will not even be in our lives five or ten years from now. We will barely even remember them five or ten years from now so, nowadays, whenever something upsets me, I ask myself if this issue will still be important to me five or ten years from now, and if it won’t, I make myself drop it and put my focus elsewhere.

Many of my clients have been with me thirty or forty years, so I have the benefit of having shared their fears and tears and, when they have different issues now, that are causing them extreme distress, I remind them about a person or about a situation from all those years ago. Most of them do remember the situation that I’m referring to but when I ask them if those people are important to them now, or if they are still stressing out over the same situation, so far, no one has said yes.

If those people and/or situations are not still in our lives five or ten years after the fact, how important could they have been? As long as we have free will, we can change the outcome of the various scenarios by using our creativity and whatever resources are at our disposal. As children, we don’t have many options to extricate ourselves from painful situations but, as adults, we do.

We can only control just so much in our lives and no more. We can make healthy eating choices and exercise. We can meditate and not allow ourselves to be in toxic relationships. We can do everything within our power to eliminate the stress in our lives but we cannot control the world around us. The only thing we can control is ourselves and how we respond to the world around us.

Nowadays, when faced with an unpleasant situation that I can’t control and can’t do anything about, instead of getting angry, I ask myself if this argument is worth dying on the hill for. Time and distance have shown me that most of the time, the arguments that you thought were so important, are not worth dying on the hill for.

Top Tips to Build Relationships in Organizations

Activity to build relationships with others

Take a moment and think about a leader in your organization whom you would consider best in maximizing relationships. How do you describe such a leader? Some descriptions that may immediately come to mind are trustworthy, empathy, concerned for others, understanding, building employee commitment and engagement and motivating.

Leaders and their subordinates or employees need to build a trusting and positive relationship so that they are able to achieve the objectives of the organization effortlessly. It is always best to build relationship before conflict occurs as this enables you to solve problems in an effective manner.

Activities that can help build relationships with others

Survival scenarios – Give the team a survival scenario (like a plane crash or getting lost in the desert) where they have to communicate and help each other to survive. This activity will test the ability of each individual to communicate with the group so that they are able to survive.

Mine field – This is an ideal activity if you have a large room. You can set up a mine field using objects found in the office (chairs, boxes, files or any other objects) that can cause an obstacle. Divide the team into pairs. It is a perfect opportunity to team individuals having issues with each other so that they are able to work with each other as partners and overcome the obstacles.

Improving communication with drawing activity – In this exercise you can divide the team into a group of two and make them sit with their back to each other. You can give one member a paper and pencil and the other member a picture. The person with the picture can give instructions to the person with the paper and pen. After they have completed the exercise, it can be used to interpret the ability to communicate and understand in an effective manner.

Depending on the team size and industry, you can choose from hundreds of activities that help strengthen and maximize relationships. You do not have to spend a lot of time and energy to plan events that can bond the team. All that you need to do is to create opportunities that enable everyone to interact. Ensure that any activity that you plan is not competitive as you do not want them to work against each other but with each other.

Activities that help build relationships with others can be a powerful way to develop strengths and address weaknesses. It can be used to unite a group and improve the problem solving abilities of the team. You need to remember that these activities need to be an ongoing process instead of a couple of such events each year.

It is important that the activities are planned with a proper goal in mind; otherwise they may be a waste of time and effort. If they are planned and carried out in a strategic manner they can become part of the corporate culture. When individuals and teams start collaborating with each other it can help in maximizing relationships easily.