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Is Online Dating Really Changing the World?

Back then, the internet was highly extolled for its magical powers—those days when humanity took all their problems online hoping to get quick help. I’m talking of the ‘90s when the world saw the internet as a unifying platform regardless of race, economic supremacy or military force. In fact, the web was believed to have created a universe where all and sundry could express their beliefs or opinions without the trepidation of being silenced.

The status quo

But currently, though it has grown and experienced remarkable changes overtime, the internet is quite ho hum. Yes it has added more fun to our lives, but has it made the society better like we imagined back then? Well, perhaps not to a great extent. Or has it?

Latest researches prove that the internet is certainly changing the human nature and its existence in the society by strengthening marriages and making them more diverse. But what’s the specific drive behind this desirable change? Would anyone ever presume that this has been triggered by online dating apps (such as Tinder) and online dating merchant account holders? Believe it or not, currently 1/3 of straight marriages and a whole 70% of same-sex marriages begin online.

Back in September, Josué Ortega and his colleague Philipp Hergovich released a publication—Physics and Society— that linked these transformations to the web.

Transcending changes

Over the last 20 years or so, the United States has recorded a sharp increase in interracial marriages. According to Josué and Philipp, this change has principally been contributed to by online dating. And they have a model to back their claims.

In their paper, Josué and Philipp point out that in the past, we married people to whom we were in one way or another connected, like schoolmates, pals and neighbors. This was so because we were closer to persons similar to us and would most likely marry somebody from our race.

But now, online dating has revolutionized the whole idea. We can more easily link up with people who would or else be total strangers. What’s more, Josué and Philipp’s theory also puts forward that online dating has changed the nature of sexual relationships. They argue that relationships that kick off online are way stronger than those that start offline.


Other concurring studies also suggest that online dating is significantly speeding up marriages and that most relationships that begin online advance to marriage much faster than those that start offline. Is online dating really changing the world?

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